Learn More About Certified Loose Diamonds From FK Diamonds

Even if you are beyond the engagement stage, GIA diamonds are the only diamonds you should be looking for when shopping for diamond jewelry. Whether it’s an engagement ring, stud earrings, or bracelets, GIA certified loose diamonds are the best that your money can buy.

The loose diamonds made by diamond cutters, then end up in retail shops through a variety of different ways, either through merchants, auctions, diamond wholesale distribution networks, jewelers or other. Any which way, most loose diamonds will be mounted onto jewelry before being sold in diamond shops. Some retail stores will have a few loose diamonds in the window display, but usually around 80% of their inventory will be mounted, finished jewelry pieces.

You may use a bank wire to pay for Brilliant Earth purchases of $500 or more. For US, Canadian, and Australian bank wires only, Brilliant Earth provides a 1.5% discount to your order. For Canadian, Australian, and other international bank wires, a $35 processing fee will apply to your order. Some financial institutions may also charge a fee for using a bank wire.

I just wanted to say what a great experience it was to work with David and Steve at cut rate diamonds, they answered all my questions and helped me get the best value for my money. I was a little skeptical about making such a large purchase over the internet. I shopped around learning everything I could about diamonds and Cute Rate had the best value and quality. When I finally saw the results, I was so overwhelmed I got exactly what I wanted. The ring was custom made and the diamond was even more brilliant then I could have imagined. The craftsmanship was incredible. I would and have recommended Cute Rate Diamonds to all my friends and family.

There is an additional advantage to buying diamonds from registered dealers and it is avoiding from conflict diamonds (blood diamonds). As diamond manufacturers we sign and guarantee that we avoid in all ways from conflict loose diamonds in Las Vegas diamonds and that we only buy the diamonds from legit sources. As I mentioned on top, we are under extremely strict supervision and every polished diamond or rough that is imported is checked and verified with customs.

Once the 30-day period expires, you will be able to upgrade your King of Jewelry diamond purchase. You can send the center diamond back to us with the original certificate, at which point we’ll apply the original price paid for your center diamond towards the purchase of a new diamond. Even if the gem is damaged, we will still credit you with the original purchase price, only subtracting the cost of polishing and reshaping the center diamond. All upgrades must be 30% higher than the trade in value.